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About Outsourcing Exposed

The Cold Hard Logic Of Virtual Staff Outsourcing

Why Do It All Yourself?

OutsourcingExposed.com exists to answer 2 main questions…

  1. Why outsource?
  2. How to outsource effectively, efficiently and PROFITABLY

If these questions hit home for you, this is why Outsourcing Exposed exists…

  1. Have you been frustrated with having too much to do, and not enough time to get it done?
  2. Does your ‘To Do’ list seem just as long at the end of the day as it did at the start?
  3. Have you heard about outsourcing, realized it might prove massively successful for you, but worried about the cost or the cost of making some fatal errors?

Get More Done

OutsourcingExposed.com will help you.

Maybe you’ve heard of outsourcing to the Philippines before, maybe you’ve heard about having a Virtual Assistant. We’re going to show you the exact step-by-step process to successful, profitable outsourcing.

Most of your outsourcing success will be down to Filipino Virtual Assistants and your own expert team, each with their own skill within your business (and at far lower cost than you might imagine). We will also show you when and where to hire outside of the Philippines for maximum success.

You will discover the most important secrets to successfully outsourcing sections of your business for maximum profit and minimum effort.

Don’t worry – we’ve been doing successful outsourcing for years.  And our success literally depends on it.  Our Director and founder, Duncan Elliott (see below) built a steady, stable and most of all, hands-free successful business (nothing to do with the ‘how to make money online’ niche) which earns a reliable $250,000 per year – with all the nuts and bolts systemized and running thanks to the team of outsource staff, who know what to do.

This is what we will show you here.

If you’ve ever read The 4 Hour Work Week, this is it put into reality.

We will be bringing you the best strategies that work, in our own business and in the businesses of others that we help.

Here’s to higher profits thanks to outsourcing!

Now, you dont have to discover and get to know our Outsourcing Exposed team – but it might help you to understand who we are and why we do what we do, in order to see how we can help the most important person in this situation…


So who are we, and why can our expertise help you? Who is behind the Outsourcing Exposed team?

The main man behind it all is Duncan Elliott.  Duncan Elliott has been outsourcing for many years, successfully getting more done, in less time, and with higher profits. This is what we will show you here. In his own words…

DuncanHi. I’m Duncan.  And I’m about to show you something important, something that relates to YOU.  My business affords me a lifestyle that is comfortable and fun.  I love what I do, in work and outside of work.  I am a family man. Four fantastic children (Katie, Lauren, Toby and Benjy) and one beautiful, awesome wife, Esther.

Because of the way I have (very deliberately) structured my business using the same outsourcing principles you will discover here on OutsourcingExposed.com, I am in the fortunate position of being able to decide what my days are made up of – whether working on my business, or with my sons digging holes in the mud in the garden, quad biking with my daughters, lighting fires with my Scout troop (yes, I am also a Scout leader in our local town) or travelling the world.

In no particular order, below you can see my lovely wife and I at the US Ambassador’s residence in Rome, Italy, my kids and I cooking sausages outside in France and my son being cheeky at a restaurant table in Crete, Greece.  So what was the second best part in all of these photos?

(the best part was being able to be there)

While every single one of these photos was being taken, and we were all laughing, loving it and enjoying ourselves – my business was busy making me money.  Because I structured it using systems and outsourcing.  This is what I want to teach you, and SHOW you how you can do it, for maximum lifestyle, and maximum profit.  Here’s looking at you;)



jordanJordan Pizarro is our de-facto Managing Director, for both the non-outsourcing business (mentioned above), and the candidate-side of our outsourcing business. That means he manages and trains our candidates, currently running at over 10,000 people.

Jordan also manages our own team of experts working within our business, each with their own area of expertise, and all of which are outsource.
JordanGuitarJordan AXA

Jordan’s wife Mechel also works for us as a Virtual Assistant, helping support Jordan in his work (she’s more shy and retiring, and works behind the scenes, hence not wanting her photo here).  Jordan and Mechel juggle their busy work schedule with their 2 children, Hans and Keziah.

kymKym is our Social Media Manager. Most of our social communications comes from Kym. She runs the system that is our social media marketing, homing and improving it as she goes along.

Kym is a good example of what you can achieve with an outsource Virtual Assistant writer. Not only does she entirely manage our social media, but she also oversees most other written communications as necessary.

To find out more about how you can succeed with outsourcing in the Philippines, growing your business and your profit, watch this FREE webinar and become a FREE member here

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