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Outsourcing Exposed

This is exciting…

OK, yes, in a geeky kind of way…

I recently heard about a new peice of software that is overnight going to save me $180/year – and it may well save you some cash.

Why?  That is how much I was paying for [click to continue…]

Massive Relief

I am hugely relieved. My friend and co-worker Jordan has just contacted me. He and his family area safe and OK. No injuries.

Their house is destroyed. But they are alive.

They live (lived) on the beautiful island of Panay (Iloilo) in the Philippines – smack bang in the middle of the path of supertyphoon Yolanda (internationally “Haiman”) which hit last week. More here and here.

And now they have the arduous task of [click to continue…]


I feel sick. With worry, pity and just “oh my god! That’s terrible”

I am talking of the devastion that Supertyphoon Yolanda in the Philippines. Jordan, my defacto Managing Director lives right in the central path of where it ripped across the country. I haven’t heard from him or [click to continue…]

Would You Survive This?

When you live in certain areas of the world, you have to accept that the weather does some wierd and wonderful – and sometimes crazy – things to you.

It means you might need to be prepared for floods.  Or Typhoons.

And that is the case in the [click to continue…]

Outsourcing Secret #2


The #2 secret to successful outsourcing is…

[Drum roll, please]
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Nasty But a Good Outsourcing Example

This is horrid. But it is an example of why it is so vital you systemise, automate and outsource by building a strong team of people around you.

Right now I am writing this sitting in a hospital chair while my [click to continue…]

Outsourcing Secret #1

The BIGGEST secret to successful outsourcing is…

Well, think about it… What matters most with your outsourcing? How would you make it more effective and efficient, so there’s as few cock-ups as possible?
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Top 10 Reasons To Outsource

Why Hire?

Maybe you’ve already got this sussed – but its worth checking if you’ve listed all the reasons to outsource. You’ll probably find some pointers here you hadn’t thought of, so you can enhance your system. Get it right and outsourcing and team-building means a massive increase in your bottom line – AND your freedom!
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FREE Tutorial: Using WP Connect

You may have noticed the changes on OutsourcingExposed.com recently. Not only have we moved to a brand new HTML5 theme, we’ve also added a groovy new plugin from Kevin Docherty called WP Connect.
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How To Sell More By Email

How do you get your emails to the right people, at the right time?

Are they all washed up on some lonely shore, far away from the person you’re trying to reach?

Deliverability isn’t sexy, but it is vital. Do yours get through?

With an old service I used to use (before this new provider, and before Aweber), the deliverability (the number of my emails that actually got to the person who had opted in to get them) was so appallingly low that it just [click to continue…]