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Outsourcing Exposed

Core Values

Company Mission Statements are often so overly pious or jargonistic that most people cant relate to them.  So instead I want to show you the core values that make us who we are and who I am – and what drives me, and us as a team.  I got this great concept from Andre Chaperon, so thanks Andre.

This list is a statement of who we are and also a guide for us, internally.  Whenever we choose what we do, if its on this list, we’ll go ahead.  If it doesn’t align with these core values, I cant condone it or do it.

  • To be the Preeminent Adviser for our clients, helping you with your outsourcing, showing exactly how to get more done in less time. We aim to be your trusted fiduciary, helping you make the best decisions for your business, to grow your business using outsourcing.  Watch this great video of Jay Abraham outlining the Strategy of Preeminence here
  • To bring heart and life to what is often a cold and unfeeling area of business.
  • Utterly get to understand clients where they are
  • Aim to solve, not sell
  • Explain to help, not hype
  • Add the utmost value possible
  • Modesty over hyperbole
  • Do everything for the betterment of our tribe (I love that word ‘Tribe’), helping you to be better than before you built a relationship with us and me
  • To be the matchmaker between successful entrepreneurs and great outsourcing candidates

To answer this another way, lets answer these 3 questions

  1. How do we change clients lives?
    Your business will grow, and grow more easily, as a results of using the outsourcing strategies and methodologies I show you
  2. What do we stand for?
    Efficient, fun outsource team building.  I will  show you the why, how, what, when, where and who of outsourcing.  Anything less would be incomplete.
  3. Who or what do we hate?
    I’m not going to publicly state an individual here.  Suffice to say, we hate disinformation, hype and overselling of the concept of outsourcing, without guiding you to the exact steps of what to do to grow your profit and your business

So that is who I am and who we are as a team, how we can help you and what drives us.