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Seriously? Hell`s Frozen Over?

Seriously? Hell`s Frozen Over?

My Ukrainian Programmer Alex sent me this image today.  What do you think is going on here?

Is it someone breaking into a car?


Is it someone breakout OUT of a car?

Nope. Well, not exactly.

Why are they smashing the window?

They’re not.

What they are doing is breaking a sheet of ICE which has formed where the rain was so cold it almost-instantly froze, forming this vertical sheet of rain-ice!

And being generally crazy, they decided to make this great short video clip, of a guy punching out an ice-window.

A frozen ice-window sheet being punched out

A frozen ice-window sheet being punched out

Awesome.  And that is how it is with outsourcing – getting your head into understanding their world.

I’ve known Alex, my Ukrainian Programmer for years so I’ve come to know more about their way of life.  And their weather.  Its COLD in the winter. I kind of expected that, in all my suppositions and assumptions about Ukraine – I guess my mind pulled up mental images of Siberia.

But they can have HOT summers!  Fantastically hot summers. ‘Camping out, wearing shorts and T-shirts’ hot weather. That’s what they tend to like doing in summer.

Another example – in the Philippines (which is the BEST place in the world right now for outsourcing of almost every task within your internet business)…

philippine-typhoon-bophaIn the Philippines, they just had a massive Typhoon – Typhoon Bopha – rip its way across their country. Big destruction, big death toll.

Let’s put this in perspective;  Hurricane Sandy recently devastated parts of America, killing 113 people in the USA plus 69 in the Caribbean.

Typhoon Bopha killed 900 in the Philippines, PLUS 300 fishermen are missing.

Because I knew about this weather phenomenon before it happened I wasn’t annoyed when most of my team wasn’t working the day it hit.  They all knew it was coming and did what they needed to do to board up their houses and shore up before the storm.

I told them it was OK for them to take the day off.  It cost me a sum-total of about $50 for the whole team to have the day off.  No big deal to me. The storm could have meant a lot more expensive damage to them.

And it meant they were happier as part of my team, knowing that I will look after them.  They sorted their personal situation out and I got a loyal team, working for me, running my business.

So its interesting – and powerfully profitable – to know how life is for YOUR outsourcing team.  The more you know about them, then more of a bond you have, the more loyal they are, the more they work for you, the longer the work for you…

The list of reasons to ‘get’ your outsourcing expert team just goes on.

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So what do you think?  Should you be bothered with knowing about your outsourcing team, their life, their weather, their whole way of life?  Or should you just outsource it and forget about them?

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About the author: Duncan Elliott is a successful entrepreneur, with many years experience working full-time online, running 3 successful companies, all operating smoothly and profitably using the same outsourcing strategies you will discover here.He is a published author and expert on outsourcing to streamline your profits. If you need Duncan to consult for your business, please contact us using the Contact page above.You can learn a lot about outsourcing for higher profits from this website, and also from the “Outsourcing Exposed” book, available on Amazon

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