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How To Focus Your Outsourcing Efforts

How To Focus Your Outsourcing Efforts

This mind map is a great way to visualize the methods you need to employ to focus and get the most out of your business and your outsourcing.

There are so many distractions that could pull your attention away. This is how to minimise the distraction, get more done and make more money…

Study it closely and you can start to see how multi-tasking kills your productivity and efficiency – and how to focus on one task.

I cannot claim to be perfect at this – like most people I have a busy life – 4 kids, wife, rock band, Scout leader, 3 companies to run. SO my time gets fractured and the temptation to multitask, and not focus, is massive.

But every time I come back to focus on focusing – such as with this mindmap – I always find my productivity shoots up. Projects actually get to the finishing line.

That is the biggest killer with multitasking – so many projects on the go and in the air – yet none actually hit completion – hit the finishing line.

When you focus on one task or project until it is completed, you actually get that massive sense of joy of a job well done and completed.

So it is worth taking 5 minutes now, and going back up to that mind map graphic and studying each branch, and seeing how YOU could action just one of the steps – and see how your focus and productivity increases.

And let me know how YOU stay focused. What do you do – or could you do – to get more done in less time?


About the author: Duncan Elliott is a successful entrepreneur, with many years experience working full-time online, running 3 successful companies, all operating smoothly and profitably using the same outsourcing strategies you will discover here.He is a published author and expert on outsourcing to streamline your profits. If you need Duncan to consult for your business, please contact us using the Contact page above.You can learn a lot about outsourcing for higher profits from this website, and also from the “Outsourcing Exposed” book, available on Amazon

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