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Powerful Strategies To Craft A Psychologically Triggered Job Message – Including Templates

Powerful Strategies To Craft A Psychologically Triggered Job Message – Including Templates

Today, let’s get nitty-gritty practical…

If you’ve already read the Outsourcing Exposed book then you’ll know what these are for and exactly how to use them.

The summary-version explanation is this…

You need to use maximum psychological language to get maximum effect when trying to hire expert talent to join your team and run your business for you.

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You don’t want wishy-washy “We need someone who can blah blah blah”.  So here is how to do it POWERFULLY!

When you want to hire a full-time outsourcer to work for you, it is best NOT to publish on a jobs board, because you will get flooded and overwhelmed with irrelevant less-than-skilled people.  For you to process these applications will take hours and hours of your time.  Which is ironic, because this was exactly the problem you were hoping to fix by outsourcing…

So the solution is to source the contact details of potentially good, skilled candidates, and email them direct.  And here is exactly what to say to them, in template format.  These are from real emails sent out to potential candidates.

And yes, you have my full permission to copy/paste and adapt to your purposes.  Good luck (and if you need any other help, just ask me).

NOTE: These templates below are FREE and available to you after 1 simple Facebook share.  This is so you can start to see the power of what is available to you – to keep this limited to only those who are focused on improving their business – and to stop Google and others stealing this and using it elsewhere.  It’s limited, and you’re invited 🙂

So here is the first email message you want to send out…


So that is the first email to send out – obviously after you have edited it for your own purposes.

Now, the follow up emails are equally important.  It is vital that you keep up the momentum, as this is part of the test (details are laid out in full within the Outsourcing Exposed book).

So here is a real, live second email I sent out very recently to hire for a new job position…


You can see I have kept it fairly informal.  I tend to do this, so they know it will be a friendly, work-focused job.  It is up to you.

The reason I have asked these questions is this;

  1. If they have a job, I want to know if they want to keep it and work a second job.  If so, I am less interested reasons outlined in the Outsourcing Exposed book). I also want to know why they want to leave to see how loyal they are.
  2. Their last salary gives me a pointer for what they are expecting and will accept in my job
  3. I want to see their passion for what they do, their interest.  This also gives them a chance to free-write – so I can see their writing and English skills
  4. I ask where in the Philippines they are because a) it is preferable if they are near my existing team for kinship and b) there can be attitude differences based on their region and c) if they are in a metropolis like Manila then on the plus-side their internet connection is usually better and on the downside they will probably want (and need) more money due to higher living costs.
  5. When they can start obviously effects how much I want them (if the job is urgent) plus it tells me how much they want the job.

So that is why I ask these.

I’m looking closely at how they answer, and how quickly they answer.  I’m less and less interested, the longer it takes them to reply.  This is not a hard and fast rule, because sometimes they have a legitimate reason (like a typhoon took out their house – it happens!).

In this last hire I did, I sent straight back this third email template, again customized with their name


So the reason behind this message is as follows…

I’ve clarified the salary (this second email was for a different job than the first email I showed you above, hence the different salary) and I’ve laid the foundation that this is a long term job, not a short-term task.  Filipinos want a job, almost all of the time, rather than a short task.  So this ‘increase over time’ concept lays the foundation of them knowing it is to be a longer term job.

I also want them to be used to Skype.  This is the main communication tool used between the team members (between each other) and with me for daily urgent things (the other comms and organisation tools are outlined in the Outsourcing Exposed book).  So longer term, I want to make sure they are fine with using Skype.

Plus, right now, I simply want to interview them via Skype instant (text) chat.  Why?

Email is fine for early-stage interviewing, but they could easily use Google Translate to translate their message from their language into English.

With Skype text chat, you can see if it is taking them 3 minutes to write a one-sentence answer.  This would be telling me that they are either struggling to write in English themselves (at which point I am less interested in them as being part of my team) or they are writing in their language, going off to a tool like Google Translate, copy/paste, translate, copy/paste back into Skype – again, not a skill I want to hire.

So again, look for speed of response.

Another reason for the content of that third email message – I want to see if they can follow instructions.

Then of course, I will interview them via Skype text chat.  More on this in another release.

Job Post

If you really want to go down the route of posting a job position on job boards (not vastly recommended if you value your time in sifting through the swathes of responses), then include a message something like this one…

NOTE: In this specific message, I was hiring for a well known client of ours (you would recognize their name from the SEO world).  This was part of our ‘Done For You’ service where we do the finding, filtering, interviewing, hiring, training and maintaining.

Here is the message…


FYI – This went out to our own ExpertTeam.tv candidates.  From thousands of people, we got hundreds of responses, filtered down to about 40 great candidates.  I interviewed them first by Skype text chat, and I have to say, I was massively impressed (and proud) that they had really good English skills and *drive* to get the job.

Another thing – teaching spinning is hard work.  There are many good writers out there.  Finding a good writer and then teaching them spinning is a long slow process.  Finding a good experienced writer and spinner is a good find.  Thankfully for me and our Expert Team clients, we already have the training tools all ready to simply give to them to teach them, so this wasn’t a problem for me here with this hire.

There are things not included in this message which you will see in the next template below, for specific reasons.  The main purpose of this email is to get SUPERSTARS – high-quality workers for your job.  By putting hurdles in the way, we want to only get the best.  We want them to tell us why they think they are the best and why they should get the job.  I want them in the mindset of fighting to get the job, working hard for it.

It’s all about getting the best team together.

Now let’s have another look at a ‘Jobs Board’ type message…


There are very specific reasons for every part of this message.  Mostly it is to be as clear as possible, to give them as much information and context of what I want them to do, so they can answer their own questions about what, where, when, why and how.

The ‘sky’ question is again to check their attention to detail.  Anyone who does not reply with this gets filtered out.

So there you have it.  Some powerful templates, for which you have my full permission to copy, paste and edit to your own benefit.  Go hire!

And yes – I’m happy for you to share this on Facebook and anywhere.


About the author: Duncan Elliott is a successful entrepreneur, with many years experience working full-time online, running 3 successful companies, all operating smoothly and profitably using the same outsourcing strategies you will discover here.He is a published author and expert on outsourcing to streamline your profits. If you need Duncan to consult for your business, please contact us using the Contact page above.You can learn a lot about outsourcing for higher profits from this website, and also from the “Outsourcing Exposed” book, available on Amazon

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