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Exciting (In a Geeky Kind Of Way) – And Its FREE

Exciting (In a Geeky Kind Of Way) – And Its FREE

This is exciting…

OK, yes, in a geeky kind of way…

I recently heard about a new peice of software that is overnight going to save me $180/year – and it may well save you some cash.

Why?  That is how much I was paying for ManageWP.  Now, I have nothing against ManageWP.  I would still recommend it to you, if it were not for my recent discovery of this software I am about to tell you about…


Becuase it does more or less the same thing… FOR FREE!

Yep, zero cost.  It is staggering to see how good this software is, without charging for it.

INTERESTING ASIDE: This software is not new, yet I had not heard of it before recently, and I would consider myself a fairly ‘plugged-in’ Internet Marketer, knowing what’s going on.

Why had I not heard of it before now?  The main reason is that no other affiliate was earning an affiliate commission in telling me about it, because it is free!

This shows you a few things…

  • If you’re offering a free product, dont expect word to get out instantly.  Can you incentivize people to promote it?

  • There are still many free products or products without an affiliate system out there which you dont yet know about.  Stay connected with an IM advisor you trust and has your interests at heart, or just accept that you will not know everything.

  • I’m not telling you this for the money!  I just think you will benefit from knowing this.

Now, back to the FREE software…

It is called Infinite WP and is available at infinitewp.com

Multiple Site Updating

If you have more than 1 WordPress website, then you need this software (or something like it).

It is very important that you regularly update your websites WordPress core software (‘update WordPress’) and your plugins, to increase security, minising the hack risks, and improving your sites performance.

For each of your site, you login, click “Update” for the WordPress update, then go to the plugins page, and update those plugins which have an update ready.  Its only about 5 clicks in total.

But its a hassle to do it every week, across multiple websites.


It might be something that you outsource and have your Virtual Assistant (VA) do for you.

BUT as I teach in the Outsourcing Exposed book (as sold on Amazon), there are certain steps you need to take before you outsource anything, any task, any process…

  1. Eliminate, then
  2. Sytemize, then
  3. Automate, then
  4. Outsource

So don’t outsource it if software can do it for you – or can do 95% of it.  Then have your VA do that last 5% if possible.

And that is exactly what can be done with the process of regularly updating your WordPress websites.

FYI – The Elimination and Systemization process are covered in detail in the Outsourcing Exposed book, but the shorthand version for you here is this;

Eliminate and cut out a process if it really isnt getting enough reward.  Apply the 80-20 rule and ditch the time-wasting chaff, the work-for-the-sake-of-working work (action doesn’t always mean progress).  Then systemize the tasks and processes that remain.  Organise them into broken down, sequence format, so you could explain the process to a 12 year old.

Then automate any part that is possible.

NOTE: The InfiniteWP software has 2 parts

  1. The control panel, which you host on your server.  This is NOT a WordPress plugin, but a script you upload and install
  2. The WordPress client plugin.  You install this (like any normal WP plugin) onto each of the remote sites you want to be updated

First install the control panel, then install the client plugin on each of your sites.

To install the control panel, download it from infinitewp.com, save it to your computer, unzip and FTP upload it to your web hosting space/server.  Put it in a sub-folder called updater” or “controlpanel” or any name you think is better for you.

Then visit that web address and go through the install process.  You will need to add the details for a database (name, username and password).  Either create a new database in your hosting control panel or (if you are installing the InfiniteWP control panel software on a site which already has WordPress installed on it) look in the wp-config.php file in your site’s root folder and copy the database details from there.  If you’re not sure, create a new database if possible.

For security, once you have installed the software, delete the control panel /install/ folder.  Go into your host space (FTP) and simply delete the whole /install/ folder and its content.

Also you need to add a CRON job for updating every 20 minutes.  Follow the instructions you get for this.

Here is a quick video showing you how to do the setup process…

Once you have installed the control panel software, now you need to add the client plugin to each of your WordPress websites.

Just open up a new browser window for each of your sites, login, go to “Add Plugin” and search for the plugin called “InfiniteWP Client”, install and activate.

You will then be shown 3 details (WP URL, WP username and IWP activation key) which you need to copy back across to your control panel for InfiniteWP.

In your InfiniteWP control panel, simply click the “+ Add Websites” button on the bottom left of your screen and copy and paste these 3 details to add each site.

Repeat that ‘add, copy, paste’ process for each of your websites.

Once all your sites are set up in the control panel, click “Update all”.

ADVICE: After you have updated your sites in this way, go back to each site’s WP admin panel and check if there are any updates still available.  There should not be, if it is all working properly.  Check your site is working all OK.

I did not have any issues with the sites not working becuase of InfiniteWP.   I did have 1 site (out of about 30) where it would not connect properly, because a complex WordPress & plugin configuration was stopping it.  You probably wont have this problem, but once you have set it up, it is worth the extra few minutes to just go back and check in the WP admin area (hit refresh) to see if there are any updates still.

All being well, all your sites are now updated.

And it now takes one click to update them each week.

Currently in the free version you cannot schedule backups automatically.  That is due to be part of the premium paid version in the future.

So meanwhile, once a week, have your Virtual Assistant or member of staff login to your InfiniteWP control panel, click “Reload Data” and then “Update All”.


Now go and enjoy the time you’ve just saved 🙂


About the author: Duncan Elliott is a successful entrepreneur, with many years experience working full-time online, running 3 successful companies, all operating smoothly and profitably using the same outsourcing strategies you will discover here.He is a published author and expert on outsourcing to streamline your profits. If you need Duncan to consult for your business, please contact us using the Contact page above.You can learn a lot about outsourcing for higher profits from this website, and also from the “Outsourcing Exposed” book, available on Amazon

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